It is finally here after a lot of hard work, “The Joey Warren Show” is now airing on WVCO 94.9 The Surf every Saturday night form 6pm until 9pm.  Check it out folks, it’s a little different than your normal beach music show, but I think you’re going to like it.  It’s like taking the shag club, putting it in a box and throwing it on the radio.  I have an exclusive with the Surf for one month and then we will begin to add additional stations.  So look out for the show in an area near you!!!  Also you can check out the web-site at  The site is up now and will be active in a few days.  You can participate on the site and sign up for the free news letter.  A huge thank you to Carlton Vinson, whom I could not have done the show without.  Carlton plays a MAJOR role in the show each and every week and goes above and beyond to make the show happen!  Also, Jeff Landrum at Ocean Drive Happens, who built the web-site and who has given so much support to the show.  Take a listen and let me know what you think!!!!!


4th Annual Triangle Beach Spring Fling is
March 26-28th, 2010
Jim Quick & Coastline – Band Of Oz
Joey Warren – Gary Brown
North Myrtle Beach at OD Resort
These Special Package Rates are available for a limited time only! Get your package booked today!
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Individual tickets are also for sale

12th Annual Triangle Beach Music Festival is April 24th, 2010
Tickets at the Gate will be $30 cash
Online sales are still only $23 ticket (this includes the processing fees that are normally added on to the price of the ticket)
Got Friends Going? Buy 10 Get 1 FREE
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All rates listed are subject to change without notice.
Book today before the prices go up!


More Information at


Contact T&R Baxstage Productions with all your questions by calling (919) 291-3355 or using the contact form on the website.

Some Sponsorships are available. Click here for information



It’s time once again to enjoy beach and shag at Oasis Oyster Bar.  This Friday Night the 19th your Little Man Of Beach Music will start in the patio at 9:00pm.  Come early, enjoy dinner and get in free.  The food is great and the music is just like you like it, Classic Carolina Beach music to the new chart topping hits, including all your favorite lane dances!!!  See you there!!!!


What A Great Start To 2010

February 9th, 2010

Well here we are getting well under way to a brand new year.  I would like to thank everyone for there support in 2009 with our, mobile services, Sunday Morning Show on 94.9 the Surf and for helping me win DJ of the Year at the Carolina Beach Music Awards.  I trust 2010 has been good to you so far and as always I’m looking forward to seeing everyone as we continue to Sell Fun and Make Memories….(love you Chad)!!!  

We have many new and exciting things in-store for everyone in the new year.  I can’t wait to tell you all about and yes, it’s almost in place.  I will post each week to keep you updated.  I would like to welcome aboard, as a brand new sponsor of Joey Warren, Gentry Air Inc. of Greensboro, NC,  Lanny and Kathy Gentry has joined our team and I am proud to talk about such fine folks.  You’ll be hearing more form Gentry Air as the year continues form your Little Man of Beach Music. 

Don’t forget to tune in every Sunday Morning 8am Until 10am on 94.9 the Surf or  for the GT.  This show has been uplifting from the beginning and we are now on our 91st show.  Thank you to everyone who listens and you can always e-mail your request to  I’ll be talking to you soon and get ready for some exciting news!!!!!!


Let’s Talk Beach Music

December 8th, 2009

Coming up… we go!!!!!

It’s time once again for the Wall to Wall Cristmas Ball held at the North Raleigh Hilton on December the 17th. One of the biggest Christmas parties of the season and you don’t want to miss it Featuring Jim Quick and Coastline, Band of Oz with special guest Big John Tompson, The Fantastic Shakers and yours truly. Thats right folks, this is your chance to see the legendary Big John Thompson sing once again with the Band of Oz, and thats only the begininig of the entertainment in store for this mega event. You will find all of the information at, including room rates and ticket information. Come and be a part of the biggest Christmas party of the season at the Raleigh Hilton.

Big news on “THE BEACH MUSIC CRUISE” coming in January of 2011. For all of those who went on the CBMA nominated event of the year for 2009 its time now to book your cabin at the discount rate, which has been extended to Friday, December 11th. This cruise promises to be a sold out event limited to the first 500 guests. The time to book is now! You will find all of the information on including rates, cruise line, Ports of call, and entertainment. Come join Jim Quick and Coastline, The Band of Oz, and a host of DJ’s for daily and nightly entertainment, including: Chaid Sain; Gary Bass; Pat Patterson; Jim Bowers; Mike Brooks; Peter Carpenter; and Yours Turly. This is the dream vacation for any beach music lover and a great Christmas gift for any shagger. The time to book is now to be a part of one of the biggest beach music events of 2011!

As always thank you to everyone who supports the Gospel Train 8-10 every Sunday morning on 94.9 The Surf with yours truly the Little Reverand of Beach Music. This show has truly been a blessing to me and growing in popularity with every passing week. Congratulations to 94.9 The Surf for winning the CBMA FM Station of the year for the 11th time, and to Ray Scott for FM DJ of the year.

I’ve been involved in the beach music industry for over 8 years and I’m excited to be the 2009 CBMA Club and Mobile DJ of the year. I’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has supported me since the begining as I have found my home in Carolina Beach Music. I’m truly excited for what the future holds and look forward to a long career in the industry I love. Once agian congratulations to all the nominees and winners of the 2009 CBMA’s and lets all keep the music alive and well.

If we don’t get to meet on the road somewhere between now and 2010 Rebecca and I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and as always remember the Reason for the Season. God bless you, see you soon.


Hello Everyone and I hope you’re looking forward to a big Labor Day Weekend or maybe a chance to get some much needed relaxation. We are all over everywhere this month with Labor Day, SOS and everything in between. Wanted to remind of a couple of things and would love to invite to big events.

As always you can check me out on 94.9 The Surf or of course, on Click over to the schedule page, I have all the live remotes listed for September and I invite everyone to join me on Sunday mornings for the Gospel Train, 8am-10am, playing the very best in Gospel Shag on 94.9 The Surf. SOS Fall Migration is right around the corner and I’ll be playing all over North Myrtle Beach, so if you’re coming down, drop and see me.

Also, as always we are having our third, Friday Shag Night and fourth Friday, Country, Rock and Retro Night at Oasis Oyster Bar in Clinton. I would love to see you come out and join us. As I’ve said many times Oasis Oyster Bar has provided all of us shaggers a place to dance and we need to show support in return. The food is great and if you come early and enjoy dinner you get in free for the best beach music around. And get this…..OASIS OYSTER BAR IS HAVING THEIR FALL FESTIVAL COMING SEPTEMBER THE 27TH. The event is going to be outside with 50 South Band and Jim Quick And Coastline. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS EVENT!!!! TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW IN ADVANCE FOR $7.00 AND THEY ARE LIMITED….GET THEM NOW!!! I can promise this is going to be an event to remember!!! Get your tickets at Oasis Oyster Bar.


Hello everyone, it’s good to be back in your e-mail box and to let you know I’ve missed you!!!  It’s been an unbelievable last two moths.  Three words to describe it….”On The Road”.  We have been slammed and I love it.  I hope you’ve been enjoying the Gospel Train on 94.9 the Surf on Sunday mornings from 8am – 10am or of course, on  Also the live remotes at Filet’s, Od Beach and Golf Resort and Hoto’s, if you could’nt be there, thanks for tunning in and enjoying the Beach Parties!!!!!  So much going on and so much on the way……….

The 7th Annual Budweiser/Flem Whit Beach Music Festival coming up this Saturday August the 8th at the Hyco Lake Recreation Area in Roxboro.  This is going to be huge and if you make it, you’ll see it’s one of the biggest Beach parties of the year.  Live on stage you’ll see The Band Of OZ, The Castaways, Hip Pocket and Jim Quick and Coastline along with yours truly the Little Man of Beach Music.  And get this all the Budweiser products you can drink FREE….with valid ID.  Gates open at 11am, it’s going to be a party and you don’t want to miss it!!!!!

It’s time for the Fall Festival at Oasis Oyster Bar here in Clinton.  Coming up Sunday, September the 27th is Jim Quick and Coastline, 50 South Band, and the Big corn hole tournament!!!!!  I’ll be there all day playing music with the gates opening at 2:30 and the corn hole tournament starting at 3:00.  Then the bands begin and oh yes it’s going to be a BEACH PARTY!!!!!!  You sign up for the corn hole tournament and also get your tickets in advance at Oasis Oyster Bar.  Get your tickets now and pay only $7.00 get them at the gate and pay $12.00.  There’s only going to be a certain number of tickets sold, so this means the event may sell out, so GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!!!!!!!  For More information you can me at 910-385-7424 or Oasis Oyster Bar at 910-590-2855.   IT”S COASTLINE TIME IN CLINTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This Week !!!!!

June 9th, 2009

Hello everyone, I hope you’ve had a great week so far and looking forward to a great weekend.  I want to say thank you for all the comments on the last blog.  It’s great to hear from from all my friends.  What a weekend we got coming up!  This Thursday we’re at HOTO’S, Harold’s On The Ocean, once again another ocean front party from 7 until 11 in the Chery Grove section of North Myrtle Beach.  We had a cancellation this Friday so yes, we’re off!  But getting ready for a big wedding reception on Saturday, saying congratulations to Katie Hendrix.  Then, wake up Sunday morning and catch The Gospel Train on 94.9 the Surf or from 8am to 10am with the,”Little Reverend of Beach Music”.  Take that ride with me down the steelrailroads of promise!!!  Finishing up our weekend at Filet’s in North Myrtle Beach, 5 until 9, broadcasting live for 94.9 the surf.  If you can make it out you will love Filet’s, the food is great and the view on the inter-coastal waterway is amazing.  And of course the best in beach music, we always have a great time.  Once again, if you can’t be there catch it on the web.

Until next time, take care and be safe, remember take time to be kind!!!!!!!



Hello Everyone

May 28th, 2009

I hope everyone is doing well, it’s been a while since I posted and I wanted to take a minute to try and catch up with everyone.  First of I want to say thank you to everyone who has came out to see us as we’ve been traveling around everywhere playing the good stuff.  Also, Thank you for listening to 94.9 the Surf or logging on to for the Gospel Train every Sunday Morning from 8amuntil 10am and spending some of your Sunday Morning with the Little Rev. Of Beach Music.  Spring time has jumped upon us and wedding season is here!!  Along with the weddings, we now are playing at Harold’s On The Ocean in North Myrtle Beach Every Thursday night, enjoying the Third and Fourth Friday at Oasis Oyster Bar in Clinton and playing all that comes in between.  Be sure to check my schedule page on the website, ( and come and join us for the fun.

The Gospel Train on 94.9 the Surf has really taken off with a huge base of Internet listeners along with all the great folks in the Surf’s listening area.  If you’ve not had a chance to listen, tune in and let me know what you think about the show by leaving a message on the website.  It’s different, but the message comes through loud and clear!!

Don’t forget, for all your Beach Music information log on to  Bo the Web Guy keeps us informed of all that’s going on in the Beach Music world.  Great Job BO!!!!

Have you seen the new Chad Sain and Joey Warren t-shirts?  They hit the street back at SOS and they’re a must have.  Be looking for the information on our first annual party coming up in during Fall SOS.  This is going to be huge.  I will get you all the details!!!

There’s so many people I haven’t had a chance to see in a while, from being on the road, so when you receive this through e-mail respond back and let me know how you’re doing.  If you do not receive our e-mails sign up on the website and join our mailing list. 




What does March Madness Mean?  “TRIANGLE BEACH SPRING FLING” that’s right, it’s time for the third annual spring party of the year!  Held at the OD Beach and Golf Resort in North Myrtle Beach it’s Jim Quick and Coastline, the Band of OZ and your Little Man of Beach Music Joey Warren.  Taking place March 27th – 29th is a full weekend of beach music at it’s best.  You’ll find all the information at and you don’t want to miss any of the events, including the, “Pool Party and lunch” on Saturday.  Let’s take Spring Break together and do it TBSF Style!!!  SEE YOU THERE!!!!