Hey Ya’ll!

Welcome to DJJoeyWarren.com. I am new to this blog and Internet thing, I have been wanting to do a website for a while now.  I really appreciate all the support I am getting from guys like TG Rich at the Sandbar Beach Club and of course Bo the Webguy with Beach Music Online.

I have Bo the Webguy helping me out with my website. He tells me a blog is the way to go to get the word out about what is going on and its the easiest way to keep my site up to date. Click on the BLOG tab above to see my latest blog post. I will be adding my schedule, some pictures and more stuff soon.

Bo tells me we are already getting a bunch of traffic. Its pretty cool to see what is happening here at the site. Feel free to leave a comment here or anywhere else you see a comment form on the site. They may not get posted immediately due to the spam controls Bo put on here, but you should see them soon. You can sign up to get emails whenever I post something new here at the site, by using the form to the right. Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you soon!

the BLOG Tab at the top of this page

Remember, if you need DJ services, please call me 910-385-7424 or use my contact form on the contact page

 Joey C Warren

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51 Responses to “Hey Ya’ll!”

  1. Bo the Webguy Says:

    Your welcome Joey. This should be a lot of fun. Thank you for the support you continue give me!

  2. Butch Halpin Says:

    Congrats on your new web site, Joey! Remember what I told you several years ago, buddy. Best of luck in all your endeavors. If I can help you, just let me know!

  3. Annette Sills Says:

    I love Joey Warren!! and so does Sara Katherine. Hope to see you Friday at the Oasis. Love the website and got my first e-mail today. Tell Rebecca hey from me and the girls.

  4. Ron Horton Says:

    Joey, YOU ARE the man!!!!! Congratulations on the web site. I look forward to finding out where you will be!! Tammy and I will be there, wherever it is!!

  5. Cory Bass Says:

    Congrats on your new website my brother from another mother. You’ve came a long way since the “Dashboard DJ” days. You have a natural god giving talent for entertaining people. You are truly the best I’ve seen. This is one step closer to dream. Keep doing what you do best. Btw: I hear the GOLF course calling our names.

  6. Sandy Fanny Says:

    It was good to see you last night at the Sandbar in Clayton. I enjoy seeing you every Wednesday night. Good luck on your new website.

  7. Mike Neese Says:

    i’ll be a regular visitor joey….look forward to seeing you soon….keep on playin that holiday band music!….take care…….

  8. Steve Rushin Says:

    DJJoeyWarren.com!!! You got a message….. So its official, looking good on the web. Throughout the night you looked more and more like the poster, especially with the pose.

    I appreciate all the support and hard work, and look forward to seeing you Saturday with Coastline. And each Wednesday for the Mid-Week Shag Party on Wednesday.

  9. Jessica Parrish Says:

    Congratulation on your new website!! I love it! You are absolutely the best DJ around!! Keep doing a great job of entertaining people. Love the picture.. you did a great job on it. Cory said you drew it yourself. Hope to see you soon. Tell Rebecca hello and take care.

  10. Deanna Wallace Says:

    Nice website! You really have come a long way! Thats something to be proud of! I really wish that you were available for the wedding – I will certainly miss you!!
    Thanks for all of your help in finding someone else..but it just wont be the same! See ya around!

  11. Parker Sandy Says:

    Congratulations on your new website, you have done an excellent job! I’ve had so many people tell me what a great job you did at my and Kevin’s wedding reception and at our class reunion! Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing you soon. :)

  12. MaCindy Bass Says:

    Hey Sweety congratulations on your website my son of another mother(got that from Cory). I love it. You are the best DJ around.You make everyone have a good time. The picture you drew really looks like you.
    I am so proud of you. Keep doing what you do and being who you are. You know Tommy and I love you guys very much. We just wish we could see more of you and Rebecca. Hope to see you soon. LOVE YA

  13. Randy Norwood Says:

    Joey I like the website, it’s going to be even better when you add some pictures. The Causeway Shag Club is really looking forward to you playing at Gilligan’s in Surf City for us labor day weekend. You have always done a wonderful job for us. I think we have our largest crowds when you play, which says a lot. Wish you the best, and will see ya soon.

  14. Scott Matthews Says:

    Keep the old blues songs going and the dance floor hot! I love it!

  15. Mr Cranberry Says:

    I like ur new site. The pic. looks just like you on the one’s & two’s. See you at the beach.

  16. John Hutton Says:

    As far as I am concerned Joey is one of the best DJ’s in beach music today. I have booked Dj’s for 2 years for our club, and he is definitely one of the best. Our club loves him. He was DJ on our cruise and we can’t wait to go again. He and Rebecca are such great dancers too. We look forward to hearing him every chance we get.

  17. Ethan Sikes Says:

    Joey Who? What in the world is beach music and how did i get on this web site? Top 3 questions that someone NOT from the Carolinas would have.

    Joey you’re the hotest thing since the atari. Keep rockin the records and burnnin the shoe leather brother. This is only the begining.

  18. Stephanie Sikes Says:

    Congrats on the website Joey! This is a great beginning and it’s been a long time comin’! I’ll pass the word along about the best dj I know having a website.

  19. Annette & Randy Says:

    Joey….What did you think of our first night at Gilligans??? We had 130+ to attend. What a great crowd and what a great D.J. you are. That’s what it takes. Good music and a good group of people out to have a wonderful time. As members of the Causeway Shag Club, we would like to say a special Thank you for coming out to DJ for us and also how much we appreciate the support of so many of our Shag Club members. That’s what it’s all about and that’s why WE DO IT FOR FUN. Thanks for being a part of it.

  20. Becky Crain Says:

    Bill and I enjoyed seeing you at the Causeway Shag Club party in Surf City on Saturday night. You helped make our transition to Gilligan’s a blast. You’re the best!!! Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for our Christmas party.

  21. Joe Van Norman Fatback and the Cadillacs Band Says:

    It was a pleasure jamming with you at the Sandbar this past Saturday. I was very impressed with your choices of music. However, I was even more impressed at the way you talk and handle a crowd. To me that’s what separates a good DJ from a great DJ. Of course it’s always great to see Sammy O’Banion with with Mardi Gras as well. This is the first time our bands have been on stage together and I think we were both equally impressed. Hope to be back at the Sandbar with you soon. I guess that first song was a hell of a sound check. HAHA!!

  22. Phil White Says:

    There ain’t no better DJ in the East than my man JOEY!

  23. Becky Crain Says:

    What a party we had at HOTO’s!! Sorry for all those who missed Mark Roberts’ CD release party. As always, you were great. I will get that greatly sought after picture of you and your twin bro (GT)to you soon.

  24. Beth Smith Says:

    Hey Joey! Congrats on the website! It is awesome! You are the best DJ around, you know how to make a crowd have a blast!!!! Saturday night was a blast listening to you, it’s been awhile since we’ve seen you. You were great as always! You make parties the best when you DJ. Look forward to seeing you and Rebecca again soon! Oh yeah by the way Love the T-Shirt!!! I got to get me one of those!

  25. Rebecca Warren Says:

    Well Joey keeps asking me why I have not posted anything on his website. I keep telling him that I don’t know what to say. Well I still don’t really know what to say. So I will just say thank you for all of your support with this website as well as keeping this wonderful dance and music alive. If you love the music then it will never die! I love you Joey!! As always, play good!

  26. Earl Dawkins Says:

    Hey Joey

    Thanks for the itroduction last night at Sandbar. We appreciate all the kind words. You did a fantastic job and it’s always a pleasure working with a pro. Look forward to seeing you again soon…the pearl

  27. Doug Black Says:

    IT’S PINKIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Rocky Rogers Says:

    Look who stumble across and found your website! Lil’ Man you’re the man!!!! We haven’t talked lately on Saturday out of WBLA 1440 AM but will very soon. Congratulations on your website and Good Luck on your nomination for AM DJ of the year….YOU DESERVE TO WIN IT! I need me one of those “Lil Man ” T-shirts !!!…

  29. Randy & Brenda Bagwell Says:

    Hi Joey & Rebecca: We had a blast Friday Night (except the dance contest) – Uncle Joe’s “FAN BASE” is just too big – Not FAIR!!! hehehehehe We have given up on all the other clubs since the SANDBAR & YOU!!!!! It’s so so so much fun seeing all our Sampson County friends. CONGRATS on your DJ nomination – well earned & deserved ’cause YOU are the BEST DJ ever!!! We’ll see ya @ the SANDBAR.

  30. "DJ CARNIE" AKA Mike Best Says:

    Joey, Hope you lost your “soap box”! Let me start with, CUZ, i cant thank you enough for help you have givin’ me! i have enjoyed “throwin’ down with you and your “peeps”! Congrats on the nomination, you do truely deserve it! I’ll get you some cotton candy and a $4.00 pepsi when you win that award this year! HA HA! All jokes aside, i thank you for all your help, it takes a “BIG MAN of beach music” to help another DJ get his business in gear! THANKS!

  31. K-Dogg Says:

    Hey Buddy. Bo done good. I am still wearing my t-shirt with your lifesized pic on the back. I knew you would make it someday. Now if we can just figure out where that is? See ya tonight I hope.

    Your Number 1 fan.

  32. Nancy & Kim Hatcher Says:

    Joey, we had a great time Sunday at the Big Fish Shtick! You did a great job as did Coastline, and we raised some money for a good cause. You play the best beach music around, just wish we could get your radio show. Your nomination for AM DJ of the year is only the beginning. We’ll see you at the Cammy Awards!

  33. Carolyn & BJ Rhodes Says:

    Joey, what a great job you did Sunday with Coastline at “The Fish Shtick”. Everyone came together to have fun and support a good cause. We really enjoyed the music, food, and great fellowship.

  34. Jerry & Pat Raynor Says:


    Just wanted you to know that we had a blast on Sunday at Jim Quick’s “Big Fish Shtick”. You guys really know how to have fun. You always do a great job and play the best music and Coastline is my favorite band. It was a perfect day; raising money for a good cause, good friends, good music, plenty to drink and eat and the weather was perfect. Can’t wait until next year!!

    Good luck on your nomination for the Cammy Award.

  35. Aunt Jean Stephens Says:

    October 26,2007

    Hey Joey:

    Haven’t seen you and Rebecca since Mark Roberts record release during SOS. I’m getting lots of compliments on your t-shirt. I expected no less than perfect when I decided to find your web page. I am not disappointed. It is really great. Hope to see you soon at the Sandbar or any place that we can find you. Take Care!!!!! Your the Man!!!!!!

    Jean Stephens

  36. Becky Crain Says:

    Happy Birthday Joey!! We enjoyed the “Back Room” with you last weekend. As always, you did a great job. Looking forward to seeing you on December 1st at the Causeway Christmas Party. Love to you and Rebecca.

  37. Beth Says:

    First and foremost thank you for spending your birthday with us at the Oasis. Once again you provided another great night!!! The gang and I are looking forward to next weekend with the “old school ” music event and invite all to attend. For anyone thats not heard Joey play WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

  38. Aunt Jean Stephens Says:


  39. Peter and Sharon Says:

    Just wanted to drop and line and say a BIG HELLO Joey!!! We really enjoyed the Carolina Beach Music Weekend with everyone. Also the Dinner at the Pizza and Wings and Things and meeting your wife. Can’t wait to Wall to Wall, see ya there!!

  40. Tara Best Says:

    Hey Joey and Rebecca,
    Happy New Year!!! I hope Christmas was wonderful. Thank you Joey for helping Michael out. Take care. See yall later.

  41. Sandy Jones Says:

    Joey: Well, I FINALLY know what a REAL DJ sounds like – we had a great time Friday night at Carolina Shag Club

  42. John Hutton Says:

    Joey came and played for our club, The Society of Brunswick Shaggers Jan 25th at our Re-up party for 2008, we had about 200 people and Joey was fantastic. As far as our club goes Joey is Number one in the DJ field.

  43. Lisa Driver Says:

    Hey Joey,

    Keep up the good work. Its been great seeing you lately and pay more attention to your Dog!!! Tell Rebecca Hi for me.

  44. Pat Gwinn Says:

    Joey my brother! Congrats on the website. Look forward to seeing you and Rebecca around the Grand Strand. I have linked your site on mine… Take care and Happy Easter!

  45. Danny Byrd Says:

    Hey Joey,

    Congrats on the new site. Looking good young man. Lots of luck. Looking forward to checking you out at the “fling”.

  46. Rod Godwin Says:

    Congrats on the website ! Glad to see a means for us stuck so far from the beach to keep in touch. Looking forward to getting back home and seeing you and the folks there again. Sorry cant make spring SOS , just still a little too wimpy. Miss all you guys and hope to be there soon. Keep up the good work !!!!

  47. Bryan and Jenni Puryear Says:

    Hi Joey. Bryan and I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for DJing our wedding this past Saturday. Thank you for helping to make our day very special and SO MUCH FUN!! It was truly all we hoped it would be and more. You are so awesome at what you do. Thanks again for all of your hard work. YOU ROCK! :-) We hope to see and hear you again!



  49. Buster Says:

    Really enjoying your Sunday morning Gospel on 949thesurf.com. I listen as I am getting ready for church. May God graciously increase your blessings and you keep up His work………God bless and thanks for stepping up to the plate!!

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  51. Jack Says:


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