Holiday Band

If you know me, you know I love the old stuff.  The music that you hear and can’t keep your feet still.  That kind of music the, “Carr” girls used to dance to at the famous Williams Lake!  Alright folks, who better to bring the feeling of that music back to us than The Holiday Band.  Yes they have done it again!  Their new song that will be out very soon was sung from stage last night at the Sandbar with perfection.  “I Know It’s Hard But It’s Fair” one of my favorite tunes of all time, and it has been reborn by the Holiday Band.  And of course the show was great last night.  I had an opportunity to talk to Mike Taylor about some of the new projects the band was working on and take it from me, you will find the Holiday Band all over the beach music charts.  It was great to see so many people at the, “Mid-Week Shag Party” Sandbar style, last night.  The crowd continues to grow and as always everyone is invited.  Next week will be the Embers, need I say more?  Can’t wait to see you!

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