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Wall to Wall Tickets

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Hey Bo just sent an email out to his Wall to Wall Ball Updates List…I know he is sending another one out this afternoon to everyone on that Beach Music Update of his…I have been telling you about this party at the Longbranch on December 20th, 2007…Bo has 300 tickets to sell at a special price of only $10…Hope you get yours before he sells out – Visit the website now! Tickets go up to $15 after he sells the first 300. .


Halloween Night at the Sandbar

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

Come dressed as your favorite character, come dressed scary, just plain funny or your alter ego (Steve…..the Eyeball Man), it’s the Halloween Bash at the Sandbar Beach Club with the Band Of Oz and the Little Man of Beach Music, Joey Warren.   This is going to be one of the best.  You can check the Sandbar website to find out the prizes for the costume contest and make sure you let everyone know about this party.  The Sandbar always brings you the best in Beach Music entertainment and this one is going to go down in the history books.  Of course this is the Mid-Week Shag Party and lady members get in free until 8:00 and half price the rest of the night.  Also there will be drinks special and the legendary Band Of Oz.  Come dressed up or not, just come for a great time!  The Band of Oz always packs out the house and there is no better way to relax and have a great time in the middle of your work week!  I look forward to seeing you there and remember if you have kids, take them trick-or-treating, get a babysitter and put on your dancing shoes for the Mid-Week Shag Party.

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The Mid-Week Shag Party at the Sandbar!

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

It’s time once again folks for your favorite party of the week, The Mid-Week Shag Party at the Sandbar Beach Club in Clayton!  This Wed. is the Holiday Band with their new song, “I Know It’s Hard But It’s Fair”.  The party starts at 7:00 with all lady members getting in free until 8:00 then half price the rest of the night.  Don’t forget the drink specials and yours truly spinning your all favorites.  The Holiday always gives you the best in Beach Music and keeps the dance floor filled!  I will also have the Little Man Of Beach Music T-Shirts for sale.  Get them now, to wear them at the Carolina Beach Music Awards.

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The “Big Fish Shtick” Was a Huge Success!

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

What a better way to raise money for the United Cerebral Palsy foundation than to do it Coastline style.  What a turn out for the first annual, “Big Fish Shtick” hosted by Jim Quick and Coastline.  The event was this past Sunday in Wilmington and it was the perfect day for it.  I was excited to DJ and Emcee the event and let me start by saying thank you to everyone who donated their time and talents to the event with the best seafood and Barbecue I have ever tasted.  The day started off with Captain Crain’s Shrimp Stew, Eddie you had the right Idea brother, just pull the shirt up and jump in, wow was it good.  Then the seafood and barbecue hit the plates.  Mike Best, you the man, and David Hersey you always make the pork taste a little better!  It was great to see so many from the Causeway Shag Club, thanks so much for all your support.  Also want to say thank you to DJ extraordinaire, Fessor John Hook for joining me on stage to bring the band up, it was great to have you with us!  Then it was COASTLINE TIME, and as always the show gave us more than we came to hear.  That’s what makes it good.  As Mark Roberts said, and I quote, “today we’re in that sweet spot, good music, good food and everybody relaxing and having a great time”.  Oh yea, Little John thanks for all your help filling in for Albert and bringing the jokes (you had to be there) you the man brother!  Scott Fine from the Band of Oz showed up on stage along with Sam and the guys from CWB.   And I can’t leave out Triangle Lounge for the all their help and support, thanks guys for all that you did.   The day went on the edge of dark and a lot of money was raised for a great cause.  This is what beach music lovers do when funds need to be raised.  I look forward to next year doing it all over again!   

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Diamond Dip Aftermath!

Saturday, October 20th, 2007

Last night was what I knew it would be, a throw-down.  First of all, I want to thank the Clayton Chamber Commerce and everyone who came out early to make the Diamond Dip a successful event.  The Sandbar was packed early last night for the private party with Coastline going on stage at 7:00.  The Clayton Chamber of Commerce had a great turn out and raised a lot of money.  Then the party came around 9:30 when the doors opened to the public and the stage exploded.  When Jim and the guys came on COASTLINE was in the house and in rare form.  What a great show once again featuring their new CD, “Sneakin’ Outback”.  Folks if you don’t have a copy of the new CD this is one you have to add to your collection.  One of the best cd’s to hit anywhere, in a long time.  I get request from the entire cd and you can look out this year at the Carolina Beach Music Awards for this one.  Saying hello to everyone that was there last night especially Larry, I know you had a good time, (love you Bro).  K Dogg and Eddie kept things under control and what was the deal with that midget playing the harmonica?  I don’t know……..were’re gonna do it again soon so if you missed this one make sure you’re there the next time Coastline is in the house at the Sandbar Beach Club. 

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Oasis Tonight, DJ Kent McKlamb

Friday, October 19th, 2007

It’s beach night once again at the Oasis Oyster Bar in Clinton!  We do it every third Friday of the month, moving the tables back and starting the music around 9:00.   I am going to be doing a fundraiser in Clayton at the Sandbar Beach Club and will not be able to host the Oasis Shag Night, But DJ Kent McKlamb will be in the house.  Kent always does a great job playing the best in beach, rhythm and blues!  Make sure you come early and have a great dinner at the Osais or the Sandpiper.  I know everyone will have a great time and I’ll be back at the Oasis on the third Friday of November, the 16th.  The 16th is my birthday so get ready we’ll do it right! 

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I Want To See You This Weekend At The Sandbar!

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

FRIDAY NIGHT at the Sandbar is going to be a blow out!  Many people are talking about this event and it’s sure to be one of the greats.  Here we go, the event is called the, “DIAMOND DIP” a reverse drawing for the Chamber of Commerce and the  tickets are $100.00.  This ticket gets you and a guest in the door, food, two drinks from the famous bartenders at the Sandbar Beach Club and a chance to will a certified Diamond.  Then the doors open to the public at the 9:30 for Jim Quick and Coastline along with yours truly the Little Man Of Beach Music.  I promise you this is going to be huge.  We would love for you to come with the chance to win the certified Diamond but if you can’t make it make sure you’re there at 9:30 for the after party. 

Saturday night is one of my favorites at the Sandbar.  I will be spinning my flat friends and playing your request.  This is a relaxed atmosphere with time to dance to you favorite songs.  Go out and have dinner and the come to the Sandbar and relax with drinks and good music!  See you this weekend!

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Midweek Shag Party

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Are you ready for the Embers!  It’s this Wed. night at the Sandbar, like we do every week it’s the Midweek Shag Party with your host, The Little Man Of Beach Music” Joey Warren!  The Embers always brings a good crowd and we want you there!  Hey folks bring someone with you and introduce them to, “our” club.  Lady members come early and get in free before 8:00.  You can look out for this weekend at the Sandbar it’s going to be big!  I will post Thursday and give you all the details.

Have you got the hottest t-shirt in Beach Music?  It’s the Little Man Of Beach Music “T” with my logo, the Sandbar, Triangle Beach Music Festival and Beach Music online.  I will have them with me at the Sandbar with your size!


The Weekend Is Here, Where Ya Gonna To Go?

Friday, October 12th, 2007

Alright, it’s time to talk about the weekend!  Tonight, I invite everyone out to the Shrine Club in Dunn for the Columbus Day Dance with the Harnet Area Shag Club.  I will spinning my flat friends and this crowd always has a good time.  It’s opened to the public and it’s a smoke free environment.  Door open at seven.  If you need information just call me at 910-385-7424.  Tomorrow night I have a class reunion in dunn and Sunday I will be traveling down to Oak Island to play At Chaser’s Beach Club for a private party. 

THE SANDBAR BEACH CLUB has a great Schedule for you this weekend.  Tonight, Cammy nominated Butch Halplin will be the DJ in the house playing your request and there is plenty of dance floor to practice your new steps.  Then tomorrow night is DJ Gary Brown and Sammy O’banion and Mardi Gras.  This is a special night, it’s MEMBER GUEST NIGHT.  If you are a member you can bring a guest and both of you get in at half price.  If your guest decides to buy a membership they get $5.00 off the membership fee.  This is a great time members to bring someone who has never been or has thought about joining.  We are building our membership base and the crowds are looking great.  Folks this is our club and let’s show our support and get some new members in.  As always Steve and Ashley will make you feel right at home with the best hospitality and the coldest drinks around.  Get out this weekend and checkout the Sandbar Beach Club!

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Mid-Week Shag Party

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

Alright folks, tonight at the Sandbar Beach Club is the Mid-Week Shag Party with your host, “The Little Man Of Beach Music”.  Rickey Godfrey was on the schedule for tonight, but due sickness in the band, they cannot make it.  Bobby Simmons is under the weather and will be out for a couple of days.  Bobby is a trooper and one of the best in the business, so our thoughts are with you and I know we will see you on the Sandbar stage coming up soon.  Filling in and on stage live tonight will be, “Big Daddy Rhythm and the Heavy Weights” and you know the party they bring.  What a job they did at Shagtastic and everytime I see these guys they get better and better.  We’re glad to have them back!

The Mid-Week Shag Party grows every week and people are talking about it.  Wednesday night has become, ”the week night for Beach Music” for Sampson, Wilson, Johnston,Harnett and Wake county.  And we all meet at the Sandbar Beach Club.  Folks come out and support your club and enjoy Big Daddy Rhythm and Heavyweights.    As always there are drink specials and the coldest adult beverages in town.  I will also have the Little Man Of Beach Music t-shirts for sale tonight and I have your size.  Lady members get there early and get in free before 8:00 and then half price the rest of the night. 

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