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Helmets And Leather Soles……..Are You Ready?

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

It’s official, the Super Bowl Party plans have been made and the party is on.  The Sandbar is doing it again, this time with the New York Giants, New England Patriots, Jim Quick and Coastline, the “Little Man Of Beach Music”, the huge projector screen, pool tables and all the food you can eat!  And don’t forget, as always the best beer and drink specials anywhere!  Here’s the details…………Doors open at 1:00 with the best in beach shag and your request from your’s truly, then Coastline takes the stage at 2:30 playing three sets up to 5:00 (with your’s truly playing the breaks of coarse)!  There will be food all day long but the pizza, wings and all that Super Bowl snacks that is a tradition will be served at 5:00.  Pre show and big game, oh yeah on the huge screen comes up next!  Here’s the best part, admission for all day is only $20.00.  Do something different, come out enjoy the Best in Beach Music, great food, the cheapest beer in town and the Big Game on the Big Screen.  Now yes we have even considered the fact you may can only make it for the food and the game and not the pre party.  If so members get in for $10.00 and guest get in for $14.00.  As you know these Sunday parties are laid back and relaxed, come comfortable, wear your favorite team colors and oh yeah come thirsty.  All and all it’s a great deal for everyone and we would love to have you for game day!  Let me know if you any questions and let’s pack it out.

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A Forty Year Celebration!

Monday, January 28th, 2008

Butch Barnes, Billy Baizmoore, Gary Brown, The Mighty Saints of Souls are just a few of the artist, formerly with the Band Oz Oz that took the stage for the 40th Reunion.  The event was held a Dynamites in NMB and it was truly a special event.  The Band of Oz did a solo show on Friday night and then Saturday night they took the stage and begin to invite past members of the band on stage to sit in.  The energy was unbelievable and the crowd was truly wall to wall.  Sunday the show continued with surprise guest Jim Quick and Little John Thompson, they fell right in with the band and yes put on a fantastic show.  I enjoyed playing the breaks for the weekend event and seeing everyone who came out.  “Thanks to Captain Crain I can see clearly now”.  Bill, Becky, Phil and Bonnie it’s always good to see you and as always thank you for your support.  There were so many people in attendance, Peter Carpenter from the CBMA’s was in the house, Jullian Fowler with Ripete Records and KHP Music, Tiff Wheeler KHP Recording Artist, Brian Crews, Bo The Web Guy the list just goes on and on.  What a great time it was and I tip my hat to the Band Of Oz. 

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Asking For Your Thoughts……..And Your Top Five Songs!

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

Often I think back to the first time I fell in love with Beach Music, the first songs I heard and the way it made me feel.  Then I remember the first band I heard and the first time I saw a DJ spin beach, rhythm and blues.  As I start reflecting things come to my mind like the first time I attempted to shag at Fat Harold’s when I was 13 years old with my Aunt; always playing that one cassette my older brother left in my jeep when I was sixteen and rewinding Lady Soul and Brenda listening over and over.  Then times like my first Shag Club I played, playing at Club Faces, attending my first Triangle Beach Music Festival and playing along side of some well known DJ’s at events I had heard about for a long time.  I remember my first time on stage, my first introduction of a band and those, “sweet spots” when I was playing with the dance floor packed to every song I played.  These are some of the things I remember most or stick out in my mind about Beach Music.  As these times come back to me I start thinking about What I Love Most About Beach Music!  I started thinking about the life long friends I’ve met, the feeling I get when I here my favorite songs, the tradition of Beach Music, the fact that my family grew up with this music and I am contributing to keeping the music alive, the smiles on peoples face when I play their favorite songs, and the fact I get to promote the Artists that bring the music to us.  Also, I enjoy a good shag dance as good as anyone. 

The reason I have posted this blog is I would love to know what some of your favorite things and times are.  What Do You Love About Beach Music The Most?  What are your favorite things, what’s you favorite places to go, maybe what are some of your favorite times and what you look forward to you every year.  All you have to do is click on the yellow box in the top right hand corner of this blog and leave your comment.  I really want to hear from you.  Also take time to Leave you top five songs of all time, those songs that give you that Beach Music Feeling!  Let’s have some fun with this, can’t wait to hear from you.

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Mid-Winter What A Weekend!

Sunday, January 20th, 2008

What a trip it was to North Myrtle Beach!  Anytime is a good time when get a chance to be at the Shag Club of all Shag Club’s, Fat Harold’s.  Although I think this Mid-Winter topped them all!  Taking the trip with us was the the Famous MR. Cranberry and the future Mrs. Minnich, Duell “smooth” Pope and his lovely wife Natilie.  As always we stayed at our favorite location, the Black and Blooze Inn, I just can’t figure out why the 3 foot greeter at the front door never speaks when we get there!!  I Think ”Mrs. Fluff” had something to do with it.  We started the weekend Friday at 12 noon spinning the tunes in the back room, (the family room) at Fat Harold’s.  Of course the electricity was in the air because it was almost time for Jim Quick and Coastline to take the stage in the front room.  Was there anybody there you ask…..Wall to Wall and it was great.  Both the front and back room was packed and everybody was in a beach music mood.  I’m telling you folks it’s a different feeling, from a DJ’s point of view to spin the tunes in an atmosphere like Fat Harold’s.  I finished up about five and got ready for a night of laying the leather on the hardwood.

It was time to crank it up once again at 12 noon on Saturday in the Back Room and the electricity was still there.  I enjoyed playing that set from 12 to 5 so so much and the dance floor stayed packed!!!  Afterwards the famous Mr. Cranberry did it up again, cooking a meal for Rebecca and I and all our friends to get fueled up for the best Saturday night I’ve had in a long time.  Oh yes we returned to the Back Room at Fat Harold’s and closed it down.  Spinning the tunes was none other that 94.9 FM’s own Ray Scott, and yes my legs hurt from dancing so much.  Ray always does a great job and he didn’t let us down this time, thanks Ray for all the kind words and support.  And what can I say about the bartenders at Harold’s, I know….the best in the world, Brenda, Shannon, Terry and all the gang what a great job.  I want to say a special thanks to Gary Bass, Gary thank you I always have a great time playing at Fat Harold’s.

We saw so many people we have’nt seen for a long time and of course all our friends we love to party with.  The weekend could not have been better.  As always thanks to Brian Crews, Bo The Web Guy, Gary Bass, T & R Baxstage Produtions, the Famous Fat Harold’s Beach Club and Everyone that supports the, “Little Man Of Beach Music”.

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Dates for Mid-Winter

Saturday, January 12th, 2008

I can’t wait……………….here’s the dates folks.  Mid-Winter, Fat Harold’s I will be playing the back room Friday and Saturday 12-5.  Friday Coastline will be in the front room and I will be in the back and on Saturday Sea-Cruz will be in the front room and I will be in the back.  This is going to be a great time and it’s just what we need to unwind with all our friends.  Look forward to seeing you there!


Cape Fear Shag Club

Saturday, January 12th, 2008

The leather was on the hardwood last night in Carolina Beach!  It was the Cape Fear Shag Club and the “Little Man of Beach Music” for their re-up party.  It was good seeing everyone there and spinning the tunes for such a great Shag Club.  Just wanted to say thank you to everyone there for the great time and hospitality.  I passed out all the information on the 2nd annual Triangle Beach Spring Fling coming up in March of this year and the Beach Music Cruise coming up in Feb. of 09.  I look forward to seeing the Cape Fear Shag Club on both of these great events.


What Time Is It????????????

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

You know the answer…….It’s Coastline Time at the Sandbar!  That’s right Jim Quick and Coastline has been added to the show along with the “Little Man Of Beach Music” this Saturday night at the Sandbar in Clayton.  DOORS OPEN AT SIX with all your NFL games on the Big Screen.  I will start up about Seven and the band will go on around Nine.  So come early and enjoy all the Sandbar has to offer!  If you have any questions, leave it under the comments and I will respond.  See you there!


what A Great Weekend

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Last Friday night at the Sandbar was a great time, it was good to see everyone.  I played all request and the dance floor stayed busy.  The on Saturday we traveled over the Erwin to play a 50th Wedding Anniversary for Graham and Della Stewart.  This was a first class event and I tip my hat to all that were involved.  Elegant Party Rentals & Catering did an excellent job with the decorations and food, I always enjoy working with Mrs. Bonnie and the gang.  Once again congratulations to Graham and Della Stewart on 50 years of marriage.

This week is going to be a good one!  Friday night I am traveling down to Carolina Beach to play for the Carolina Beach Shag Club.  Saying hello to Bill King, looking forward to spinning my flat friends for a night of beach, shag and rhythm and blues.  The doors open at Eight and there will be cold drinks and great music.

Then on Saturday night it’s back to the Sandbar for another get together.  We’re celebrating a birthday but the club is open to the public.  Come on out and enjoy the music, the atmosphere and the drink specials.  Look forward to seeing you there!


Tonight 01-04-08, Get Out Your Leather Soles

Friday, January 4th, 2008

That’s right I am on stage at the Sandbar playing all your beach and shag requests.  The doors are going to open at 7:00 and I’m looking forward to spinning the tunes.  So get on the phone and let your friends know the “Little Man Of Beach Music” will be in the house at the Sandbar!  Look forward to seeing you there!


Always Proof Read

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

On my last blog, as you can see, I forgot to proof read!  The program I have automatically changes my misspelled words, so now you know I misspelled the word impressive referring to Hip Pocket.  Therefore the program changed it to unimpressive, why you ask, I have no clue.  I AM HERE TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT hahaha!  Hip Pocket was very impressive!  Sorry guys hopefully this correction will send thousands to your next show!  The band was awesome!  Thanks John and Chris for bringing this to my attention, love ya. like LIllY!