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August the 15th at Oasis

Monday, July 28th, 2008

As you all know the Third Friday of the month at Oasis is, “Beach and Shag Night”.  We’ve been doing this over a year now it is still one of the best nights of the month.  We start at 9:00 with all your favorites with a nice area to dance.  Osais has some of the best food anywhere and I love the atmosphere.  I want to get everyone that has came in the past back together again for a night of good shagging and great music.  So if you have been before or if you’ve never been, come out on August the 15th and let’s support Beach Music in Clinton.  If you receive this message on e-mail and you think you may can come on the 15th go to my web page and leave me a message.  All you have to do is navigate to the Blog page and in the right hand corner of this message you will see a yellow box that says leave comment.  Leave your message there.  If you find this on this website and you are not receiving my e-mails just sign up and leave a comment on the home page.  I look forward to seeing you!!!!!!



Catch up once again!!!!

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

This month is flying by!!  I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July…everyone in Clinton was “Magnetized”.  Oh yeah, the Magnificence’s Band was great at the Annual Fourth of July Celebration at the Clinton Parks and Recreation at Royal Lane Park.  The crowd loved them and their new CD is great, be looking for it on Southern Soul dot com. 

July 5th I was back in the Shag Club of all Shag Clubs………Fat Harold’s.  I played the back room and it was like always, “The Best”.  It was good to see all my friends and hang out with the Fat Man!

The third Friday of the month has got here quick, this Friday Night I will be at the Oasis Oyster Bar for the Monthly Shag Night and I would love to have you and your friends come out and join us.  Always remember, come early and have dinner at the Sandpiper or of course the Oasis Oyster Bar, you won’t be disappointed.  Keep your receipt and get in free for shaggin’ from 9 until 1 with the Little Man of Beach Music.

I’m headed down to the coast Saturday night for the Coastal Shag Club and can’;t wait to see all of the members for this new organization.  I hope to see a lot of members show up from the SOB’s (Society of Brunswick Shaggers).

I’ve got some huge news to tell you about coming up in a couple of days.  I can’t let it leak out yet, but hold on because for some of you it’s BIG news!!!!!!  Stay tuned!!!!!!!


The Fourth of July……Get Ready!!!!!

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

It’s close, one of the best holiday’s of the year.  It’s Summer Time (sounds like a chairmen of the Board Song) and Independents Day.  The Flags, hot dogs, pizza, fire works and THE MUSIC.  Everyone come out to Royal Lane Park in Clinton for the Annual Clinton Parks and Recreation Fourth of July Celebration.  Yours truly will start playing around 3:00 with many attractions for all the kids.  There will be plenty of food and drinks and the MAGNIFICENTS will come on stage at 6:00pm.  These guys are GOOD and you need to come check’em out.  They’re all the way from Burlington and their one of a kind.  I pulled some strings and got to play, so don’t miss it!!!!

Saturday we’re on the way the Family Room!!! That’s right the back room at FAT HAROLD’S 8pm until close.  July Fourth weekend, Fat Harold’s, The “Little Man of Beach Music”, you do the math……  If you can make it, be there, you won’t be disappointed. 


Once Again, What A Great Weekend!!!

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

We headed out to Carolina Beach this past Friday to play at the Carolina Beach Club in of course, for a fundraiser for the 2008 Riverfest Shag Contest in Wilmington coming up October 4th.  We always have a great time at the Carolina Beach Club, this is neat place.  If you’ve not been plan a night and go check them out.  It’s upstairs above the Mexican restaurant as you get in the main part of Carolina Beach.  Fran, Johnny and Julie will make sure you have what you need and make you feel at home.  We raised a lot of money, it was good to see everyone again, Barry Hooker and all his gang, Gary Stonestreet, Lloyd, Eddie Baker,it goes on and on.  And my yes my family came and enjoyed the evening with us, Phil, Bonnie, Bill and Becky.  I didn’t start the party until I see their faces.  Congratulations to Phil White for winning the Cheese Cake and Becky Crain for winning the Mike Penny Print.  Thanks for you guys helping out and it was GREAT to see you.  I will be letting everyone know a little more about the shag contest coming up in October at Riverfest in a few weeks.

We had a wedding Saturday at Lakewood Country Club for Brandon Taylor and Victoria Strock.  The wedding went great and they danced all night.  Congratulations to you guys and best wishes.

And then the Big One and Sunday!  The benefit for Billy Scott at the Regency was a huge success!!!  The entertainment schedule was FULL.  Thanks to all the performers and DJ’s who donated their time and and all the people who volunteered to help in the days activities.  I know Billy Scott was touched by the attendance and all the donations.  Their was to many people to mention names but It was like a Club Faces Reunion!!!!  WOW, let’s do something like this again!!