Once Again, What A Great Weekend!!!

We headed out to Carolina Beach this past Friday to play at the Carolina Beach Club in of course, for a fundraiser for the 2008 Riverfest Shag Contest in Wilmington coming up October 4th.  We always have a great time at the Carolina Beach Club, this is neat place.  If you’ve not been plan a night and go check them out.  It’s upstairs above the Mexican restaurant as you get in the main part of Carolina Beach.  Fran, Johnny and Julie will make sure you have what you need and make you feel at home.  We raised a lot of money, it was good to see everyone again, Barry Hooker and all his gang, Gary Stonestreet, Lloyd, Eddie Baker,it goes on and on.  And my yes my family came and enjoyed the evening with us, Phil, Bonnie, Bill and Becky.  I didn’t start the party until I see their faces.  Congratulations to Phil White for winning the Cheese Cake and Becky Crain for winning the Mike Penny Print.  Thanks for you guys helping out and it was GREAT to see you.  I will be letting everyone know a little more about the shag contest coming up in October at Riverfest in a few weeks.

We had a wedding Saturday at Lakewood Country Club for Brandon Taylor and Victoria Strock.  The wedding went great and they danced all night.  Congratulations to you guys and best wishes.

And then the Big One and Sunday!  The benefit for Billy Scott at the Regency was a huge success!!!  The entertainment schedule was FULL.  Thanks to all the performers and DJ’s who donated their time and and all the people who volunteered to help in the days activities.  I know Billy Scott was touched by the attendance and all the donations.  Their was to many people to mention names but It was like a Club Faces Reunion!!!!  WOW, let’s do something like this again!! 


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