August the 15th at Oasis

As you all know the Third Friday of the month at Oasis is, “Beach and Shag Night”.  We’ve been doing this over a year now it is still one of the best nights of the month.  We start at 9:00 with all your favorites with a nice area to dance.  Osais has some of the best food anywhere and I love the atmosphere.  I want to get everyone that has came in the past back together again for a night of good shagging and great music.  So if you have been before or if you’ve never been, come out on August the 15th and let’s support Beach Music in Clinton.  If you receive this message on e-mail and you think you may can come on the 15th go to my web page and leave me a message.  All you have to do is navigate to the Blog page and in the right hand corner of this message you will see a yellow box that says leave comment.  Leave your message there.  If you find this on this website and you are not receiving my e-mails just sign up and leave a comment on the home page.  I look forward to seeing you!!!!!!



4 Responses to “August the 15th at Oasis”

  1. Debbie Says:

    Hi Joey,

    Tony and I do plan to see you, Rebecca, and The Oasis crowd on the 15th.Hope things are going well for you guys and we will see you soon.

    Take care,
    Debbie R.

  2. Annette Sills Says:

    Hey Joey,

    Michael, Sara Katherine and I will be there the 15th! We will be celebrating Lauren going to NC State (she moves in August 14). Hope you and Rebecca are doing good. Sorry we missed last month, we were at Junior SOS with the girls and had a great time. Thanks for leaving the comments on Sara Katherine’s web page. She loves you too!!

    Annette Sills

  3. duell Says:

    joey looking forward to the big party tonight, so let the low side drag and keep playing that good rhythm and blues

  4. Kathi Fitzgerald Says:


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