DJ Event Pricing

When it is time to hire the Deejay price is the first concern of most clients, when actually quality, performance, accountability and reputation is the most important factor to consider with hiring any Deejay. Please don’t base your decision on money alone. The Deejay is the individual who is responsible for the success of the reception. A professional Deejay is in control of many different aspects of the reception, not just the music that is played. When you hire a professional Deejay the pressure is taken off the Bride and Groom or the Family, to ensure the event, “runs smoothly the entire time”.  

For example, a professional Deejay is responsible for the following: 

- Making sure there is background music playing at the arrival of the first guest.
- Using the itinerary, (obtained prior to the reception) keep all events on schedule. 
-  Volume control, knowing the correct volume level at different times through out the reception – lower level for socializing and higher level for dancing. 
- Continuous music with no, “dead air” or breaks.  
- Observing the dance floor and knowing what style of music to play and what proper times to play it. Playing a variety of music to entertain all the guest. 
- Having the experience to deliver announcements clear and in the appropriate manner. Dressed properly for the occasion at hand. 
- Knowing what request are appropriate and determine whether or no to play them. Being accessible to the Bride and Groom at all times.
- Able to change course of events smoothly, if requested by the Bride and Groom.  

These are some of the advantages you get when hiring a professional Deejay. I like to compare the price of the Deejay with some of the items purchased for the reception, for example, the cake, the caterers, the flowers or decorations. The money spent on these items are very important because it creates a beautiful reception for the guest to enjoy. I feel the Deejay is just as important. In the St. Louis Bridal magazine, summer and fall issue 2003, there is an article titled, “Survey Says After The Vows”. The article focused on priorities before and after the wedding. Before the wedding brides said the first priority was the location for the reception site and the least priority was the entertainment. Within one week after the reception 78% of brides would have made the entertainment the first priority. This is where hiring the right Deejay / Emcee / Entertainer is of most importance. 

Every event is different. There are some Deejays that have a flat rate and some that charge by the hour. These methods are not bad, but I feel every event is different and should be priced accordantly. I offer a free consultation and price quote. This can be done either by phone or e-mail. I would love to talk to you concerning your next event. My prices are competitive and affordable. I assure you when hiring Joey C. Warren, you get experience and unparalleled customer service.

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