Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why Hire A Deejay Rather Than A Band?
There are many reasons. The music will not stop because there are no breaks taken. The song selections cover many genres of music, just like you are used to hearing on the radio. A Deejay can play all your request not only the songs a band knows. The price of a Deejay is less than a band with more variety and flexibility.

2. Why Is Joey Warren The Best Deejay For My Event?
I have been in a service based industry for twelve years and in the entertainment business for seven years. I fully understand the concept of customer service. Deejays are very plentiful, although there is a difference between a Deejay and a professional Deejay, Emcee and Entertainer. Anyone that can work a computer can run a Deejay set up, but there is far more to understanding what to do in-order to make an event an unforgettable memory. I pride myself in being an expert in customer service and a professional entertainer.

3. Why Should I Not Hire A Deejay With A Lower Quote?
“You get what you pay for.” The saying is a little cliche’, although it holds a lot of value. There are many Deejays that provide a service for a hobby. With this you get a job that is unprofessional. A professional Deejay is in demand for his or her services. There are only fifty-two week-ends in a year and these are the days that are most in demand. Therefore, the price may be higher, but you are assured to get the best job possible. This comes with experience and the ability to deliver what the client is looking for.

4. How And When Is My Requested Date Secured?
Once I have made contact with the client and the date requested is determined available, I pencil the date in upon verbal confirmation. A contract will be sent within 48 hour, to secure the date. Once the client receives the contract, it is signed and returned with a 25% deposit. At this time the date is secured with the Deejay and both parties have a copy of the contract.

5. When Is The Balance Due?
The night of the event, before the event starts. During or after the event, the client or person responsible for payment may be out of place. The client should not be distracted during the event concerning payment.

6. Will My Event Be Subcontracted?
Under no circumstances will the client’s event be subcontracted. If I am not available, I will disclose that up front so that I may find the client an alternative.

7. Will I Be At The Event Early To Set Up?
I will arrive one hour early to ensure set up at no additional charge. This will enable me to have back ground music playing when your first guest arrive. Also, it allows me time to coordinate with photographers, videographers, caterers, or event supervisors to make sure everything runs smoothly.

8. Do You Make Announcements?
Yes. I have a wireless microphone and a stationary microphone. I am very experienced in the format of a wedding, wedding receptions and engagement parties. I am very professional on the microphone without, “under doing it or over doing it”. Any announcements that are asked of me or any improv announcements, I will perform.

9. What are your prices?
Please see pricing page included in this package.

10. Is There An Additional Charge For Playing Over?
Yes, there is an additional charge according to the time the client requests me to play over contracted time. There is a standard fee set in the contract unless it is discussed prior to the contract being signed.

11. Will We Meet You Prior to The Event?
The decision is totally up to you. If you wish to meet me, I am always available to meet with you. Most of my clients find that I am very accessible and most questions and concerns are answered over the phone or by e-mail. Again the decision is up to you, and I would be glad to meet with you.

12. How Many People Will Be With You At My Event?
There will be two people present (unless other wise noted). This allows for the event to run as smooth as possible. With a Deejay and an assistant it is easier to take requests, motivate the crowd and be accessible to the client. All this ensures your guest have a good time.

13. How Will I Be Dresses For Your Event?
I Will dress any way from casual to formal. If you have any special request regarding clothing, please let me know at the time of booking.

14. For Any Other Questions Please Feel Free To Contact Me By Phone Or E-Mail At Anytime. click here to contact me

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